Hi! I am Vanessa, author of Vannylla-a personal, lifestyle blog. I suppose you’re here to find out more about me, the things I love to do the most, and the like. Well, thank you for spending some time here on my blog. I’m still young and wandering, I’m currently lost on my track but I’m trying to figure it out myself through this blog.

In a real, offline setting, I am an aspiring professional that graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts major in English and now working at the biggest and claimed number one telco company in the Philippines. 

I’m a Philippine-based, aspiring, self-entitled, content creator/blogger, and now in my early 20’s. I love anything from video content to movies that are Japan-related. I aspire to move there permanently but I know I’m way too far from that dream. I am interested in Animes, K Dramas, Japanese/Korean skincare and makeup, journals, stationeries, I love cats and dogs too and I get excited when Christmas countdowns begin. In all honesty, I have a huge and long list of things that I want to do, places I want to go, things I want to try and buy, and many more.

Struggling on how I balance career, passion, and life, I still pursued in my-not-yet-fully-developed-passion which is writing. I started writing when I was at middle school but as I grew up, I was not able to maintain it not until I was at college that I had the spark again to start something new and write something exceptional as I grow up fully as an individual and an independent woman. Though, I am having a hard time juggling everything that’s been going on in my plate, in which I tend to be always in hiatus mode as I can’t stay consistent on one thing only (btw, I am working on this problem), I still wanted to document every achievement and failure, cherish memories and moments, and go out of my shell and go further through this blog.

About the Blog

I started this blog out of curiosity and thrive to have my own online journal/diary year 2016, in which majority of the blog posts were deleted already since I was writing posts that are too personal that time and realized as inappropriate.

When I created this blog, I was really inspired and hooked on the minimalist aesthetic thus I chose Vannylla as my handle/brand. My handle was inspired by the most famous yet expensive and hard-to-find plant which is Vanilla. Being rare, pure, and expensive somewhat symbolizes my personality. (Lol, I really tried to make sense) Vannylla is mainly a personal, lifestyle blog that focuses more on basically life experiences, food, tips, personal talks and advices that you, my readers, would find relatable.

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I hope you enjoy your stay here in my blog and be productive or inspired by the stories I share.

Thank you so much for reading!


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