A Typical Day in My Life as a Salary-woman in the Philippines

Hi loves! I’ve been out again for quite some time, but now, it’s shorter. It’s officially over half of the year and I haven’t improved a little in this blog ever since I’ve started. I’ve been going through a really hard moment in my life right now and I just decided to cut off allContinue reading “A Typical Day in My Life as a Salary-woman in the Philippines”

My Top 3 Favorite Asian Food

As a tribute for the recent gold, silver and bronze winnings and achievements of the Philippine athletes at the Summer Olympic Games held at Tokyo this year, I decided that I will be blogging about the Asian foods I love to eat and definitely will share with people who have not tasted or heard aboutContinue reading “My Top 3 Favorite Asian Food”

Coming Back Again from a Hiatus

Hello loves! I’m back from a long hiatus again. I’ve finally had the spark to write something again. I have been absent on this blog as always and honestly, I’ve never been consistent on this blog and to other things as well. If you have been a reader of my blog before, you may haveContinue reading “Coming Back Again from a Hiatus”

9 Foods I Avoided to Lose Weight

Funny how I lost so much weight last year, 2019-2020, that I never was able to share it with you guys. Aside from graduating from being a student, to a fully employed individual, to the coronavirus situation last year, losing all the weight I really wanted was the most amazing thing that happened to meContinue reading “9 Foods I Avoided to Lose Weight”

How’s the year 2021 so far?

Hey! It’s the 1st quarter of 2021 already! Time flew so fast that I almost didn’t notice that 2020, January and February passed by like a swoosh. It’s quite late already and I can’t believe that I missed January for a blog post. Life really got in and rarely had the time but let’s tryContinue reading “How’s the year 2021 so far?”

10 Things to Consider before Getting a Dog

It’s been over a week since our dog died and everything is still so fresh. We had a sad Christmas and we will celebrate the new year without a dog anymore. The pain is still there and the trauma is now developing. It’s my very first time to adopt a dog and we treated himContinue reading “10 Things to Consider before Getting a Dog”

How to Start your Bujo this 2021

2020 might not be the best year and it didn’t have much to offer but I’m pretty to sure that we will all bounce back together once the vaccine for the deadly Covid virus will be released. News are saying that it could be on the first quarter of 2021 but we must still beContinue reading “How to Start your Bujo this 2021”

Is Asus Zenbook 14 Really That Good?

Last November 14, I finally made a decision to get myself a new laptop. I never really had a new laptop before, mostly are secondhand and in old versions. I had a few laptops before but I could not really call it my own because I just borrowed it or got broken. Considering this asContinue reading “Is Asus Zenbook 14 Really That Good?”

Things a 23-year-old Should Start Doing As Early as Now

Old folks say that for us to succeed in life, we must be financially stable by the age of 30 or even before marrying. They even tell that at the age of 18 or 21, you must be out on your own and not living under your parents’ roof or you must have your ownContinue reading “Things a 23-year-old Should Start Doing As Early as Now”

6 Essentials to Always Bring This Pandemic

This pandemic totally changed our lifestyle and habits. Before the pandemic, we had freedom to roam around, laugh with friends, eat together in a long table, attend to mass events and gatherings, travel for leisure, etc. but now, all of that has changed. Some countries have already conquered this deadly virus but to majority ofContinue reading “6 Essentials to Always Bring This Pandemic”