Is Asus Zenbook 14 Really That Good?

Last November 14, I finally made a decision to get myself a new laptop. I never really had a new laptop before, mostly are secondhand and in old versions. I had a few laptops before but I could not really call it my own because I just borrowed it or got broken. Considering this asContinue reading “Is Asus Zenbook 14 Really That Good?”

Things a 23-year-old Should Start Doing As Early as Now

Old folks say that for us to succeed in life, we must be financially stable by the age of 30 or even before marrying. They even tell that at the age of 18 or 21, you must be out on your own and not living under your parents’ roof or you must have your ownContinue reading “Things a 23-year-old Should Start Doing As Early as Now”

6 Essentials to Always Bring This Pandemic

This pandemic totally changed our lifestyle and habits. Before the pandemic, we had freedom to roam around, laugh with friends, eat together in a long table, attend to mass events and gatherings, travel for leisure, etc. but now, all of that has changed. Some countries have already conquered this deadly virus but to majority ofContinue reading “6 Essentials to Always Bring This Pandemic”

Digging Through the Roots

This pandemic has got me thinking too much and i think I finally reached my roots. I’m not quite sure yet but i think I have identified it already. Getting back to things I love to do before and lost passion about is really an amazing feeling. This is going to be a super personalContinue reading “Digging Through the Roots”

25 Must-Haves in College (Traditional)

Schools have opened and started conducting classes. They cannot be stopped amidst the pandemic and we have adapted to a new learning system. But before we fully adapt into the new normal, i just want to archive the traditional things a college student must have before this pandemic hit the world and affected our lifestyle.Continue reading “25 Must-Haves in College (Traditional)”

How to Protect Your Peace in this Pandemic

In these times of crisis, anxiety is one of our enemy. In fact, there’s been an alarming increasing number, not just for the covid positive cases, but for mental health calls since the day we were forced to stay at home. We could never remove the fact that this situation we are in right nowContinue reading “How to Protect Your Peace in this Pandemic”

Things to be Grateful For (even in this COVID pandemic)

Amidst the pandemic situation we are in right now, there are still lot of things to be grateful for. Even if we are stuck at home and we lost a lot already in many aspects, we should see these as a blessing in disguise. This situation we call hassle made me realize a lot ofContinue reading “Things to be Grateful For (even in this COVID pandemic)”

Review: Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

This item was really a hype last year, 2018 and 2017 and jars of these were being hoarded from every drug and beauty stores. It was copied by lots of brands but still not equivalent enough to the powers of this gel. This has been featured to many blogs and even to the national tvContinue reading “Review: Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel”