My 2022 Journaling System

Hi guys! I’m back again for another post which is long overdue! It’s supposedly to be up 2nd week of this month but I just had an unplanned and extended hiatus again. Lol the cycle never breaks. This is the first post for the year 2022 and I don’t even know what to write anymore!Continue reading “My 2022 Journaling System”

How I Got into Journaling

Journaling, as I’ve said before, could be of any types depending on your liking and preferences. It can be digital, traditional, creative or it can be a daily log, a notebook to set plans & reminders, track down some important schedules, or just write blahs of life into a journal. The purpose of journaling wouldContinue reading “How I Got into Journaling”

How to Start your Bujo this 2021

2020 might not be the best year and it didn’t have much to offer but I’m pretty to sure that we will all bounce back together once the vaccine for the deadly Covid virus will be released. News are saying that it could be on the first quarter of 2021 but we must still beContinue reading “How to Start your Bujo this 2021”